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High-Precision Train Localization

Highly accurate real-time positioning of trains in any environment – using advanced on-board sensors and adaptive sensor fusion technology including White Paper.

Sensor Fusion Experts

Technology is starting to mimic human sensory capabilities. As sensors become less and less expensive and further miniaturized, the number possible applications skyrockets.

360 Degree Vision Systems

We provide you with the appropriate 360° vision systems and the know-how you need to accomplish your critical missions.

Versatile Wireless Technologies

Our Mission Embedded experts develop highly safe platforms for the transmission of control information for a large variety of use cases.

Competence Highlights

We are the experts when it comes to implementing system solutions where dependability is of the utmost importance.

Faster I.MX7™ Solutions

Mission Embedded accelerates your product’s time to market by leveraging readily available design building blocks for i.MX7.