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Sensor Fusion Experts

Sensor Fusion – the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

In our modern world, there is no way around sensor technology. It is used in smartphones, cars and household appliances, but also in industrial machine vision operations, 3D optical-sensing technology, autonomous vehicles, obstacle detection and machine control as well as health, climate, infrastructure and other monitoring systems. As sensors become less expensive and further miniaturized, the number of possible applications skyrockets. With the rise of sensor fusion, technology is starting to mimic the sensory capabilities of human beings. 


To a device or machine, sensors are equivalent to our human senses. As such, they act as the eyes and ears of a system, detecting and responding to inputs from their environment such as light, sound, temperature, or motion. Following the principle of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, sensor fusion technology combines these inputs, taking over the role of the brain.


Algorithms turn Data into Information

Using complex algorithms, sensor fusion technology can intelligently combine data from several source sensors and eliminate unreliable data. Deficiencies and inherent limitations in the individual sensors compensate and correct each other, resulting in more accuracy, dependability, availability, and a more complete overall assessment of the environment and data. For example, gyroscopes can exhibit offset drifts over time, which can be compensated for using a companion accelerometer. As a result, the overall performance and reliability of a system or application is greatly improved. Therefore, sensor fusion is often key in achieving many safety and reliability targets.  SF technology can help to improve object detection, recognition, localization as well as position tracking. It can perform optical measurements and enables the use of technologies such as predictive maintenance.

Our Sensor Fusion Competence

Our Mission Embedded experts are proficient when it comes to the integration and combination of a variety of technologies, for example, camera, radar, and LiDAR sensors. They can design a system that perfectly suits your needs and specific use cases by combining all sensor modalities. Our team has many years of experience in the development of robust industrial-grade solutions and knows how to deploy sensor fusion software in the context of embedded systems, creating innovative products that function reliably in harsh environments such as railway or industrial applications. Mission Embedded has specialized in low-power, real-time solutions that meet high functional safety demands.


Innovation as you Added Value  

Mission Embedded’s SF solutions enhance your system’s performance. During the modelling and design process, our experts take intrinsic system properties into account to further improve accuracy and dependability, and to mitigate measurement errors and environmental interference. Our systems will also help you save costs by utilizing several inexpensive sensors instead of a single costly sensor. Conclusion: SF technology introduces a whole new world of possible innovations in your product’s field of application.

Your Benefits:

  • Experienced team with extensive know-how
  • Robust, industrial-grade, real-time solutions
  • Tailor-made model for the specific use case
  • Risk and cost reduction
  • Accelerated time-to-market