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Explosion-protected devices according to IECEx, ATEX, and UKEX

We develop electronic devices tailored for use in potentially explosive environments –  certified according to international safety standards. With our integrated production and logistics we ensure all-in-one solutions from a single source.

Working safely in hazardous areas

Explosion protection is a central element of safety engineering. Its primary function is to prevent explosions or limit dangerous effects when explosions occur –with the aim of protecting people, assets, and the environment.


An explosion-hazardous area is a place where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts may be present. Electrical devices used in such areas must be specially designed and tested to ensure that it does not they do not increase the risk of explosions.


The principle of a device designed, for example, in accordance with the “intrinsic safety” type of protection is to limit the amount of energy in the circuit to a non-ignitable level. This means that no ignition source can occur in the form of a spark or due to a thermal effect.

Explosion-protected devices for diverse industries

We offer products and solutions for all industries and production areas facing the risk of explosions and tailor future-proof solutions for your specific applications.

Oil and Gas Industry

Transportation Industry

Waste water Industry

Chemical Industry

Mining industry

Food Industry

Explosion Protection by Mission Embedded

Certified safety you can rely on

Mission Embedded supports you with customized electronic products and system solutions for explosion-proof areas – certified according to international safety standards. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we develop your product, take care of the approval process, and provide comprehensive support even decades after market launch. Thanks to our established relationships with certification bodies, we can develop first-class products in the shortest possible time, choosing the most efficient way.

Tested according to international ex-protection directives

When developing your product, we work in accordance with the regulations and standards of national and international directives such as ATEX, IECEx, and UKEX.

Tailored solutions

We develop based on your specific requirements:, from intrinsically safe cameras, wireless solutions, IoT devices including batteries to housing constructions, and more. We are also happy to advise you on the subject of approval.

In-house manufacturing for ex-protection devices

By providing ATEX and IECEx certified manufacturing, we are able to produce explosion-proof equipment for you with outstanding precision and care. Hence, we offer the complete value chain from a single source and at a single location.

Development within time and cost frame

By working closely with you and with the help of our interdisciplinary team from areas such as electronics, mechanics, or software, we ensure to find the best possible solution you – in a timely and cost-saving manner and despite demanding Ex-protection requirements.

Your expert for functional safety

Explosive environments often entail functional safety requirements. As a specialist for highly reliable products and system solutions for safety-critical areas, we are well-equipped for such demands.

One-top-shop solution

We cover the entire development process as well as manufacturing and deliver your product including all necessary certifications. Throughout the whole life cycle management, we provide comprehensive and sustainable support.

We operate according to the following directives and standards:


Our expertise - your advantage

With extensive experience, innovative technologies, and high-quality standards, Mission Embedded develops and produces tailored solutions for safety-critical application areas.

Extensive Experience

As a member of the Frequentis Group, we build on more than 75 years of experience and expertise in the development of safety-critical system solutions.

Technological Edge

Mission Embedded consistently stays at the forefront of technology when it comes to developing innovative embedded systems, system solutions, and products for your applications.

High Quality Standards

We pay careful attention to meeting your industry's quality and safety requirements and offer the utmost reliability in realizing your product vision.

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    About us

    Mission Embedded develops and supplies highly reliable embedded systems and unique, client-centric solutions for safety-critical applications. In this age of digitalisation, we offer businesses tailored solutions based on leading-edge technologies that help them to tap the full potential of their products and applications and make their operations safer and more efficient.

    Explosionsschutz durch Eigensicherheit

    In explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen installierte elektrische Geräte müssen besonders konstruiert und getestet sein, um sicherzustellen, dass sie die Explosionsgefahr nicht erhöhen. Das grundlegende Prinzip der Eigensicherheit besteht darin, die elektrische Energie auf ein Niveau zu begrenzen, das in explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen keine Entzündungen verursachen kann. Geräte, die als eigensicher zertifiziert sind, können in explosionsgefährdeten Atmosphären sicher betrieben werden.