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Safe and Secure Wireless System Solutions

Want to go wireless? Challenges, Opportunities and Risks

Wireless systems are gaining popularity and replace wired solutions even in safety critical areas. When safety-critical data and signals are transmitted over-the-air in fields such as industrial automation, transportation or aviation, important questions regarding functional safety must be considered. Wireless links need to have a rugged design and work reliably also in rough environments.


Our Mission Embedded experts specialize in safe, secure and reliable wireless system solutions and draw upon decades of experience.


Inspiration for your Mission: Use Cases

There are many situations that necessitate the transmission of safety-relevant data from one place to another. We can help you to increase your WiFi’s reliability or range, optimize your end-to-end streaming delay and latency or measure the distance between radio devices.


Below are some examples for use cases of Mission Embedded safe and secure wireless system solutions:

  • data transmission from train to control center in the railway sector
  • communication equipment for emergency and rescue services
  • in-flight data communication for civil aviation (L-DACS)
  • transmission of safety-relevant data in sensor networks
  • visually supported remote controlling of machines in inaccessible or dangerous environments
  • data communication for imaging systems in medical applications


One-stop-shop for Hardware and Software

Mission Embedded supports you from the concept and implementation of your application through to the optimized product ready for approval and even beyond with long-term production and life-cycle management services. Our interdisciplinary team creates a seamless system for you. Benefit from a one-stop-shop for hardware, software and mechanics.

Supported and Applied Technologies

  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/k/r/s)
  • Mobile Communication (GSM-R, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM-R, L band)
  • Bluetooth (LE)
  • Terrestrial Trunked Radio Systems (Tetra)
  • Aeronautical Terrestrial Data Link (LDACS-1)
  • Client-specific system solutions with Software Defined Radio (SDR)


Advantages of wireless system solutions

  • greater flexibility and a much larger range
  • less effort required for installation and maintenance
  • avoids wear-prone slip rings or cable bundles
  • optimal solution for moving machine parts
  • prerequisite for some applications, such as autonomous vehicles

Safety and Security, two Sides of the same Coin

Mission Embedded is your reliable partner for solutions that meet high safety and security demands.

The term “safety“ refers to the residual risks for people or the environment that are associated with a machine or plant. Our experts have the necessary know-how to minimize those risks and to ensure maximum safety for your individual application case in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements (e.g. EN 62062, EN 13849-1 etc). This means that the system will reliably revert to a safe state in case of failure. To achieve this safety level, we ensure redundancy, use accredited assemblies, standardized processes, and our proven safety platform. Our team has successfully completed a variety of projects in different markets and exploit their extensive experience with safety-critical systems.

When wireless networks are not equipped with the appropriate security precautions, they can potentially cause security gaps. The term “security” refers to the protection of a machine or plant against unauthorized external access and encompasses not only cyber-attacks by hackers but also unintended incidents. Our experts safeguard your sensitive or safety-critical data against loss, unauthorized access, theft, and manipulation.

How Safety and Security are Connected

Both aspects described above are connected and influence each other: Security gaps can e.g., cause safety risks and features included for safety reasons can potentially cause security issues. With Mission Embedded as your partner you ensure optimal safety and security for people and data as well as high availability and minimal downtime of machines and plants.

Our Services include:

  • Transmission Distance Maximization
  • Throughput Maximization
  • Reliability & Robustness Maximization
  • Latency Minimization
  • Power Consumption Minimization

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a project idea you would like to discuss with our experts.