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360 Degree Vision Systems



You need to control a machine, device, or vehicle, but time, security reasons, or other circumstances do not allow you to be on site? Nevertheless, you want to receive real-time data and experience a bird’s eye surround view? You work in a safety-critical area and need a system that operates with highest possible reliability? Our 360° vision systems can make life easier for you.


Vision systems with panoramic VR view

Our tailor-made machine vision systems include a stereoscopic workspace to provide a 3D depth impression and are equipped with several high-quality cameras and optical smart sensors, providing a live overview of the surroundings, and enabling users to feel almost as if they were on site – even more so if presented in a virtual reality headset for 360-degree panoramic view. Users can gather all the information they need remotely and in real-time, for example while controlling a machine or vehicle.


Our vision system building blocks:

  • safety-certifiable, real-time wireless or wired video transmission
  • 360-degree panoramic view / stitching
  • robust design for harsh environments
  • high-end calibration
  • stereo vision, virtual/augmented reality


The Magic of Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from our machine learning expertise. State-of-the-art Computer Vision/AI algorithms allow not only the calculation of the dimensions and exact position of any object, but also its classification and tracking. Moreover, additional information, such as danger prompts, optical measurements or inputs from other related systems can be made to appear directly in the user’s field of vision alerting them to important events and supporting them in the fulfillment of their tasks. The possibilities are endless.


If Safety is at Stake, Trust the Experts

Reliability can sometimes be a matter of life and death. We guarantee safe end-to-end video transmission – from the lense to the output. Our systems adhere to SIL1/SIL2 and Performance Level C/D. Furthermore, we are experts for the application of virtual reality and stereo vision technologies in safety-critical situations.


Rugged Design for Harsh Conditions

Our systems are designed to withstand rough environments including very high/low temperatures, strong winds, vibrations, and shock – from the selection of components to high-end calibration systems. The high quality of our designs has passed the acid test in a variety of fields such as industrial, transportation, medical, public safety, and defense.


Beat the Competition

With Mission Embedded as a partner, you can harness the latest technological innovations, bringing new products to market faster than your competitors – while benefiting from our extensive expertise in the field of mission-critical embedded systems. Our experts work with you to provide you with a complete tailor-made product solution that fits your specific needs, no matter the field of application.


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