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High-Precision Train Localization


Highly accurate real-time positioning of trains in any environment – using advanced on-board sensors and adaptive sensor fusion technology.

Within the context of ongoing digitalization, the highly accurate real-time localization of trains has become a key topic for the railway industry. To effectively manage train traffic in future and maximize the utilization of existing networks, advanced traffic ma­nagement systems need precise information about the exact positions of all moving trains. Moreover, accurate localization paves the way for a variety of advanced key applications such as Automated Train Operation (ATO), making it a prerequisite for modern railway systems.

Current methods for train localization use cost-intensive infrastructure elements placed along the route, supplemented by train-borne sensors and satellite systems. 

Advanced localization solutions rely on satellite positioning, advanced on-board sensor technology and adaptive sensor fu­sion technology. These systems provide precise and track-accurate real-time information on the position and speed of any train, even in environments without a satellite signal.  


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White Paper Overview

  • Introduction: Current methods of train localization versus precise localization with sensor fusion – the key to advanced rail operations


  • Mission Embedded Solution: High-precision on-board localization system with intelligent sensor fusion. Localization with confidence – in any environment.


  • Proven benefits of the Mission Embedded Solution

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Figure: Mission Embedded Train Localization – Solution overview

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Mission Embedded has become a pioneer for intelligent sensor systems in railroad applications. Nearly 1000 sold driver assistance systems for the railroad market prove the expertise and know-how in this field. The application of ma­chine learning and artificial intelligence in various safety cri­tical use cases have led to several pending patents in the relevant field. Mission Embedded is the partner for your product innovation:



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We offer up to 25 years of long-term support and life­cycle management. To ensure this, we rely on many years of life-cycle experience and intelligent, forward-looking strategies. Even long after market launch, we provide support for maintenance issues, production customizations and issues in the field.



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Real added value is created through a combination of experience and knowledge. We ensure your lead in product innovation with the experience and specific know-how of our highly specialized experts in the core areas of image and sensor processing, sensor and system integration, artificial intelligence, reliability, sa­fety and security, radio and communication, embedded systems, low power systems and approvals.



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A system from us is more than just a smart combinati­on of hardware, software and mechanics. We develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into your environ­ment because they are based on an understanding of your needs that goes beyond mere specifications. In addition, we offer an all-around carefree package for your development, and take care of, among other things, supply chain management, just-in-time pro­duction, and delivery. So that you get what you need, exactly when you need it – from the concept right down to straightforward support in the field.