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From University to Mission Embedded

Software Engineer Alexander Ludwig on his start into professional life

März, 2023

Alexander Ludwig joined the Computer Vision Team at Mission Embedded in December 2022. After graduating from TGM Vienna with a focus on computer engineering, Alexander began studying electrical engineering at TU Vienna, where he is currently pursuing his master’s degree in embedded systems. We talked to the 27-year-old from Lower Austria about his job and his first experiences in professional life.


Alexander, you have started at Mission Embedded straight from university. What is your specific role in the company?

Alexander: I’m currently in the transition phase from university to my first job as a software developer, and I’m thrilled to have recently become a part of Mission Embedded! I work as a Software Engineer in the Computer Vision department and had the chance to join a project that was already in progress. My main task at the moment is to implement pre-defined software requirements.

What exactly does that involve?

Alexander: Currently, my focus in the area of implementation is on visual object tracking with neuronal networks. With the additional use of a camera system, the software can recognize and track objects such as vehicles in real-time. On top of that my responsibilities include the analysis and assessment of error cases, as well as searching for possible improvements.

What is Computer Vision like in practice? Are there any initial learnings for you?

Alexander: When you get to know the projects properly for the first time you realize how much effort there is involved in areas that are not immediately apparent in the final product. At university you deal with the detection and localization of objects in images on an isolated basis, whereas in practice there is much more involved in the development of a final product. In my current project, I have learned that it is always essential to define the requirements for the product as precisely as possible. On top of that, in the field of Computer Vision you always have to deal with the question of how and from where you get the data to develop and test algorithms.


What motivates you in your job and how would you like to develop further?

Alexander: Personally, I find the application areas of our products extremely innovative and interesting, which is why I enjoy working for Mission Embedded. For my further development, I have set myself the goal of becoming more independent and confident in the tasks assigned to me. In addition, I would like to expand and refine my knowledge and experience in the field of computer vision, which is very extensive, and in this respect, I can learn a lot at Mission Embedded. What also motivates me: the cakes and pastries that are served almost daily by my colleagues.

Mitarbeiter Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig is 27 years old and works as a software engineer in the field of computer vision at Mission Embedded.

Starting out in a new company is always exciting. How were your first weeks at Mission Embedded?   

Alexander: Since I already knew some of my colleagues from my time at university, it was not difficult for me to settle in. Quite the contrary, I felt very welcome, supported, and part of the team from day one onwards.

The working culture in my opinion is very modern as it includes flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. I would describe the team as quite young, which makes it easier for young people to integrate.

Whenever I have questions or uncertainties, which was especially the case in the beginning, I can turn to my colleagues for help. In my opinion, there is no shame in seeking help when you are stuck on a problem. That’s what the team is there for. And I also enjoy the joint lunch time which is a great opportunity to get in touch with other colleagues who don’t work in the same department.

What is your balance to work – far away from object tracking and neuronal networks?

Alexander:  In my free time, I enjoy being in the nature and getting some fresh air, whether it is going for a walk or playing soccer. In the evening, I also like to watch American football. Music has always been an important part of my life as well. I play guitar and piano myself, but also enjoy attending concerts just to listen. 

Thank you for your time, Alexander!  

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