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Smart Safety Monitoring - beyond Intelligent CCTV

Innovative video surveillance solution with intelligent, AI supported data analysis for rapid detection of safety-relevant events. For more safety and efficiency in railroad operations.

The challenge

In safety-critical industries such as the rail sector, system errors or failures can have serious consequences, which is why ensuring safety is the absolute top priority. Conventional video surveillance systems are very limited in terms of their capabilities and, on top of that, they are entirely dependent on the judgment and vigilance of human operators. Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence can provide critical support in this respect.

The solution

Mission Embedded’s smart safety monitoring is an innovative solution for the real-time monitoring of stations, trains and rail networks. Comprising hardware, software and edge/cloud solutions, this system leverages cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence. It is easy to integrate and can be flexibly configured to meet your requirements – either as a complete system or as a partial solution that seamlessly interacts with third-party legacy devices.

Your advantage

Within seconds of any safety-critical incidents occurring in rail operations, our innovative CCTV solution provides you with actionable information. It complements traditional surveillance systems by intelligently and automatically evaluating video and sensor data that are analysed and interpreted by powerful AI algorithms. This smart 24/7 surveillance helps you to tap the full potential of your applications, while reducing the pressure on your staff and bringing down your operating costs.

Tomorrow’s video surveillance – smart, efficient and versatile

Conventional vs. intelligent cloud-native CCTV System

Intelligent video analysis – use cases

Unauthorised intrusion

Alerts in the event of unauthorised entry into defined areas

People counting

Real-time people counting

Unattended objects

Automatic detection of suspicious objects left in public areas

Object/obstacle detection

Detection of potential security risks during maintenance or repair work

People density & flow behaviour

Monitoring of high-traffic areas for effective operational control

Situation-dependent safety monitoring

Remote monitoring of critical situations aboard rail vehicles

Smart safety monitoring by Mission Embedded - your benefit:

Intelligent real-time video analysis

AI-supported detection and analysis of safety-relevant incidents, sending instant alerts to the safety control centre.

Efficient video and data management

Cloud-based management system for quick access to live images and other sensor data from your multiple locations, available 24/7 on both stationary and mobile devices.

Enhanced control room functionalities

Intuitive web application with optional features such as voice communication, incident management, generation of reports, as well as video recording and playback.

Easy system integration

All of the system components such as hardware, software and services can be easily integrated into your legacy system and seamlessly interact with third-party devices.

Modular, scalable system architecture

Use our intelligent video surveillance system as a complete solution or as a partial solution in combination with third-party legacy devices. It can be flexibly expanded in accordance with your specific needs.

High quality and cost efficiency

The cloud makes it possible: less effort and significantly lower costs for hardware, system installation, and maintenance, while keeping the same high quality standards.

Enhanced perspectives thanks to artificial intelligence

The potential of artificial intelligence for video surveillance and analytics is huge. Our intelligent video surveillance solution provides you with key information in the blink of an eye – be it automated video documentation, visitor counting, unauthorised intrusions, or intelligent fire protection with the help of additional sensor technology. This is all made possible by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT, machine learning and edge/cloud computing, which are areas that Mission Embedded is highly specialised in.

Seamless system integration

If you already have a CCTV system, we will upgrade it to the state of the art. Mission Embedded’s intelligent video surveillance solution consists of hardware components, cloud infrastructure and software applications that can be seamlessly integrated into existing surveillance systems. We ensure secure and reliable connectivity, even with third-party legacy devices.

Further information

Smart Safety Monitoring Solution from Mission Embedded – Whitepaper

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