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CD-Lab for Embedded Machine Learning

Mission Embedded secures Lead in Embedded Machine Learning

04/03/2020 | As industry partner for the new Christian Doppler Lab for Embedded Machine Learning, Mission Embedded intensifies its cooperation with Vienna University of Technology and Graz University of Technology as well as Siemens and AVL to sustain the technological lead in this important field long term.


Machine Learning plays an important part in many of Mission Embedded’s innovation and digitization projects. The focus lies on the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in safety-critical applications, e.g. in autonomous machines, autonomous rail vehicles, various assistance systems as well as infrastructure monitoring. As co-initiator and industry partner for the new Christian Doppler Lab, which has been officially opened on 2 March 2020, Mission Embedded wants to further consolidate its leading position in this cutting-edge sector, to increase cooperation and exchange between ME experts and top researchers and to ensure the continuous influx of highly qualified engineers in this field.


The research priorities

The new Christian Doppler Lab for Embedded Machine Learning is dedicated to the research of self-learning systems for image and video processing with a focus on practical suitability, viz. compact and resource-saving systems in terms of power consumption, memory and processing time. Work packages include platform and neural network architecture optimization as well as continuous, automated learning.


Together with the other industry partners Siemens and AVL, the first European  research group for Embedded Machine Learning has been established at Austria’s Universities of Technology. Professor Axel Jantsch und Professor Horst Bischof will be leading the research efforts. “Special thanks goes to Professor Axel Jantsch from Vienna University of Technology for enabling this cooperation within the framework of the CD Lab”, says Michael Kreilmeier, CEO. On the part of Mission Embedded, Clemens Reisner and Jenny Vuong will manage the activities.


Embedded systems as a key technology

Mission Embedded views itself as the task force for utilizing intelligent sensor systems in the field, particularly for safety-critical applications, e.g. for the railway, in air traffic management, on specialized machines and vehicles or in the medical field. In doing so, ME experts consistently apply the  latest scientific approaches. “Increasing processing power and data rates – just think of 5G – will also reach their limit at some point. Embedded systems built to accommodate resource restrictions are the solution”, explains Kreilmeier.


Project partners:

Prof. Axel Jantsch, Michael Kreilmeier and Clemens Reisner at the official opening of the Christian Doppler Lab for Embedded Machine Learning. © Alexander Wendt


About Christian Doppler Labors

The Christian Doppler Research Association promotes the cooperation between science and business. Specifically, this takes place in specially established research units with fixed terms, in which application-orientated basic research is pursued. Under the direction of highly qualified scientists, research groups work in close contact with the commercial partners on innovative responses to business-related research issues.


Christian Doppler Labs are jointly financed by the public purse and participating companies. The most important public funding body is the the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW).


About Mission Embedded

Mission Embedded develops and supplies high-reliability embedded systems for professional applications in the fields of transportation, industry, air traffic control and medical technology. This is our passion. Our particular focus lies in assistance systems, autonomous driving, autonomous machinery as well as AI and machine vision in safety and security applications. Our tailor-made solutions enable our clients to make their innovation projects a reality within a short period of time.


Mission Embedded is a member of the Frequentis Group and as such builds on more than 70 years of expertise and innovation in mission-critical applications. Customers benefit from practical experience in a large variety of fields from railway and air traffic management to industry and medical. Mission Embedded experts provide support during all phases of a product’s life-cycle, from the concept over the system design to production and maintenance.



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