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Remote Operation of Industrial Machinery to the Next Level

As part of the TESSERACT research project, Mission Embedded is developing an innovative and easy-to-integrate system for wireless remote control of machines, robots, and vehicles in safety-critical environments.

Vienna, March 1, 2022. With the TESSERACT project, supported by the Vienna Business Agency, Mission Embedded continues research and development in the field of the i3DOC and SafeWIEN funding projects, which were successfully completed in 2019. The objective of i3DOC was to realize a concept for a wired remote vision platform that enables telepresence with 3D and 360-degree all-round vision. SafeWIEN, in turn, explored the use of radio-based communication technologies specifically for safety-critical applications. In the course of the TESSERACT project, the research results of both projects are now being consolidated in order to enable the operation of industrial machinery and special vehicles from a distance (teleoperation) in the future, taking into account all relevant security requirements.

Cybersecurity as a key topic

The innovative TESSERACT wireless system from Mission Embedded makes it possible to control machines, robots, and vehicles safely and conveniently from a distance. Thanks to super-fast 5G technology, in the future, this will also be possible from a great distance. Thus, the topic of cybersecurity and the research of a suitable security concept are of particular importance in this project in order to withstand possible manipulations by cyber-attacks.

Realizing the remote operation of a plant or machine (teleoperation) poses great challenges to researchers and developers. In addition to ensuring stable real-time transmission of large amounts of data, camera sensors must be fused, synchronized, and analyzed using innovative techniques in order to generate a realistic 3D and 360-degree panoramic view.

Increased safety, efficiency, and user convenience

The TESSERACT platform offers companies an innovative new approach to remotely controlling their equipment, which can also be integrated into their existing machinery or fleet in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. TESSERACT pays off especially where activities need to be performed close to dangerous machinery. By eliminating the need for on-site presence, accident risks can be minimized, and work processes can be made more efficient.

The adaptable and modular TESSERACT platform is being developed together with project partner Limes Security, a leading expert in the field of security.

About Mission Embedded

Mission Embedded, a member of the Frequentis group, is your expert and partner for reliable, tailor-made solutions for innovation projects in various sectors such as industry, transportation, medicine, or public safety. Mission Embedded stands for more than 30 years of experience in the field of mission-critical embedded systems and has expertise in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Contact us and talk to us about your innovative project ideas.


About Limes Security

Limes Security is a 100% Austrian security consulting company specialized in the field of Industrial/OT Security, i.e. security services for industrial and utility companies. Limes Security’s services include industrial security analysis and penetration testing, security program development for industry, and industrial security training. Due to its strong focus on industrial/OT security, Limes Security enjoys an excellent reputation as a group of experts on the subject of security in industry, both in Austria and beyond its borders. Read more:

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