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Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring

Innovative system for autonomous and continuous condition monitoring of track infrastructure by regular trains. Revolutionize predictive maintenance with AI-powered detection and analysis of potential safety risks and automatic, cloud-based status information – in real time and from any train.

The challenge

Rail networks and railway tracks are usually inspected manually on-site and through high-precision measuring vehicles. This maintenance approach is time-consuming and extremely costly, on top of it being a high safety risk for the inspection staff. Modern predictive maintenance systems with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence open up groundbreaking new possibilities and are a perfect complement to conventional methods.

The solution

Mission Embedded’s intelligent infrastructure monitoring is an innovative solution installed on operational trains for the continuous real-time monitoring of railway tracks and systems. By using cutting-edge sensors and artificial intelligence, the system is able to detect and analyse potential hazards and risks and automatically passes the information on to the control centre via cloud technology in the form of actionable information.

Your advantage

This customizable solution from Mission Embedded offers rail operators a safe and cost-effective method for predictive maintenance of rail infrastructures. The retrofittable system supports safety centers at lightning speed with highly reliable real-time analytics, enabling staff to take immediate action. This ensures that any defects can be fixed before they cause disruptions or damage.

Intelligence on track – automatic detection in real time

We automatically detect potential flaws and notify you of any critical changes in real time to that you can take the right action at the right place and at the right time.


Track alignment, wear and rolling contact fatigue, rail joints, fractures, cracks, damages, deformations


Vegetation/Track overgrowth, obstacles, balise functionality, switches, fastening elements, sleepers, undermining, rail inclination, track twist


Overhead line, masts, warning signs

Track surroundings

Minimum clearance outline

Railroad switches

Wear / Tear of railroad switch

Automatic detection and analysis of anomalies through intelligent on-board sensor technology and immediate alerting

Intelligent infrastructure monitoring by Mission Embedded - Your benefits:

Highly efficient maintenance management

Predictive and condition-based maintenance through early detection of anomalies

Improved availability

Early warnings and rapid countermeasures increase plant availability and system service life

Enhanced Safety

Through complementary and high-frequency monitoring of infrastructures and faster response to threats.

Substantial cost savings

Through timely repairs and avoidance of consequential damage

Intelligente Infrastrukturüberwachung

Artificial Iintelligence: the key to your innovation

Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring from Mission Embedded supports rail operators effectively in exploiting the enormous potential of digitalization for their operations. With the help of state-of-the-art sensor technology and highly reliable AI algorithms – tailored to your individual needs – our system provides you with information on faults and potential hazards at lightning speed, thus making a significant contribution to increasing the safety and efficiency of your operation.

Originated from the project HARMONY.

Retrofit and easy to integrate

Optimized predictive maintenance thanks to innovative technology in the train. Our intelligent infrastructure monitoring system can be integrated into any rail vehicle in less than two hours and measures the condition of tracks, track bed and other infrastructure with millimeter precision. Two sensors and one gateway per train are enough to provide you with pinpoint information and analysis on anomalies and safety risks.

Passenger electric train rides at high speed on the turn of the railway line

Our expertise – your benefit

Mission Embedded develops and produces customized solutions for the railroad sector based on innovative technologies, high quality standards and extensive experience. We know what matters when it comes to highly reliabale products and system solutions for your digital transformation.

Extensive experience

As a member of the Frequentis Group, we build on more than 75 years of experience and expertise in the development of safety-critical systems.

Technological edge

Mission Embedded is a technology pioneer when it comes to developing innovative embedded systems, system solutions and products for safety-critical railroad applications.

High quality standards

We meet the high-quality requirements of your industry. Seals of quality such as the silver certification of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) confirm the safety and quality of our railroad solutions.

Certifications – we fulfil the highest quality standards

Further information

Intelligent infrastructure monitoring by Mission Embedded – whitepaper 

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