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360° Teleoperation of Machinery and Facilities

Retrofittable 360-degree teleoperation system for remotely controlling and monitoring industrial applications from a safe distance using telepresence. Make your existing fleet ready for networked, semi-autonomous operating machines with our tailor-made solution.

The challenge

In industries like heavy machinery or forestry, staff often work in inhospitable or hazardous locations with a high risk of accidents and serious injuries. Not only do these adverse working conditions result in a great labor shortage, but non-operational downtimes significantly diminish the utilization of skilled personnel and machinery. Many companies have already recognized the potential of autonomous technology as an answer to these challenges. However, However, they soon discover that path to developing and implementing such solutions is not that simple.

The solution

Mission Embedded’s 360-degree teleoperation system was specifically designed for use in safety-critical, industrial environments. It transforms any fleet into semi-autonomous machines that can be monitored and controlled safely and conveniently from a distance. The system includes state-of-the-art hardware and software components and can be flexibly configured according to your requirements. It features an innovative 360 camera system and an intuitively operable operator position that can be managed via monitors or a 3D virtual reality headset. Both wireless and wired networks can be used to operate the system.

Your advantage

Operating heavy machinery safely and comfortably from a remote location requires accurate and realistic visualisation of the working environment – in real time. Powered by innovative 360 camera technology, Mission Embedded’s teleoperation solution offers an unrestricted peripheral view of the working environment. Using optional 3D virtual reality technology, the operator gets an even more realistic and immersive impression of the working environment. The system ensures first-class connectivity and secure and reliable operation in accordance with ISO 13849 Safety Standard Performance Level C.

Versatile applications – at all levels of autonomy

We revolutionize operations in danger areas by turning cranes, excavators and other applications into partially autonomous machines.

Construction industry

Remotely controlling cranes


Remotely controlling machines in rough terrain


Remotely controlling construction vehicles in exposed environments


Controlling and monitoring shunting activities in railway operations

Remote digital towers

Controlling multiple remote towers from a single position


Remote operation of drones outside range of vision

Freight and logistics

Controlling semi-automated machinery in container and terminal areas

How your company can benefit from our solution

Enhanced working conditions

Whether on site or remote, the virtual command centre allows your staff to conveniently and safely operate and monitor machines from a protected area.

Higher productivity

Because one operator can remotely control two or more heavy machines, your fleet can accomplish more work with the same number of employees.

Improved cost efficiency

To develop your customised solution, we use proven base technologies from Mission Embedded that speed up the implementation and save costs.

Easy system integration

Whether as a product integration or retrofit kit, our retrofittable system tailored to your specific needs transforms your applications into monitored, semi-autonomous machines.

Customised to your needs

Our scalable, cloud-based solution can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to efficiently monitor and control your entire fleet.

One-stop-shop solution

Our solution includes everything you need to transform your fleet for monitored, semi-autonomous operation.

Convenient control from a safe distance

Mission Embedded’s innovative 360-degree teleoperation system visualizes the real environment by means of high-resolution live images produced by a 360 camera and front stereo camera – as if you were sitting in the cockpit of a machine. The system can be operated either via monitors or a 3D virtual reality headset for an enhanced immersive environment perception – including useful additional information. The user can comfortably operate the machine in a 360-degree panoramic view from a protected area without being exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow or heat. This also reduces the risk of accidents, as the operator does not need to change position as often. Additional AI-assisted data can complement and greatly enhance the usual information available during operation. Seeing is believing: see for yourself how easy, convenient and intuitive it is to use our teleoperation system for your fleet.

Superior connectivity

Operating heavy machinery in real time from a remote location requires an extremely reliable data connection. Mission Embedded’s 360-degree teleoperation system reliably transmits live video and control signals, allowing you to remotely operate your autonomous vehicle fleets with confidence. The system uses cellular bonding technology to transmit video data across multiple mobile carriers simultaneously. This ensures that the connection is highly stable and video streaming always works, even in the most challenging situations. Further major benefits of the system are its extremely low latency and secure and dependable functionality according to the ISO 13849 Safety Performance Level C security standard.

Efficient fleet management

Mission Embedded’s smart fleet management system is a great complement to our 360-degree teleoperation solution and helps you to efficiently manage your entire fleet 24/7. It uses both cloud-based and on-premises technologies, allowing you to monitor and manage entire fleets of autonomous, remote-controlled vehicles as well as manned vehicles. Location planning, vehicle insights, fleet disposition, real-time progress monitoring and task completion tracking: all this information is available to you based on your requirements, making the management of your fleet much easier.

Our expertise – your benefit

Drawing on a wealth of experience, innovative technologies and high standards of quality, Mission Embedded develops and produces tailor-made solutions for safety-critical application areas.

Extensive experience

As a member of the Frequentis Group, we build on more than 75 years of experience and expertise in developing mission-critical communication solutions.

Technological edge

Mission Embedded is at the forefront of technology when it comes to developing innovative embedded systems, system solutions and products for your safety-critical application.

High quality standards

We attach great importance to meeting the quality and safety requirements of your industry and provide the highest level of reliability when realizing your product vision.

Reap the benefits of automation.

Discover how our teleoperation solution can make your operation safer, more efficient and fit for the future.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Dr. Christof Pitter

Dr. Christof Pitter


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    About us

    Mission Embedded develops and supplies highly reliable embedded systems and unique, client-centric solutions for safety-critical applications. In this age of digitalisation, we offer businesses tailored solutions based on leading-edge technologies that help them to tap the full potential of their products and applications and make their operations safer and more efficient.

    Das bringt Teleoperation für Ihr Unternehmen

    Durch die nahtlose Integration menschlicher Fähigkeiten und Empathie in die Fernsteuerung wird eine höhere Kontrolle, Genauigkeit und Effizienz erreicht.


    Durch Teleoperation können Spitzenzeiten abgefedert werden und ein einziger Bediener kann eine Flotte von (halb-)automatisierten Maschinen steuern.


    Teleoperation kombiniert menschliche Fähigkeiten und Flexibilität mit der Kosteneffizienz der heutigen (halb-)automatisierten Systeme bei gleichzeitiger Aufrechterhaltung der vollen Servicezuverlässigkeit.


    Durch die Teleoperation bleibt der Mensch in der Schleife, aber nicht in gefährlichen Bereichen, wie beispielsweise Container- und Terminalbetrieb.

    Wie Ihr Unternehmen von unserer Lösung profitieren kann:

    Text folgt

    Erhöhte Produktivität

    Wenn ein Fahrer zwei oder mehr schwere Geräte fernsteuert, kann Ihre Flotte mit der gleichen Anzahl von Mitarbeitern mehr Arbeit erledigen. Dies führt zu betrieblichen Einsparungen, die sich zeitnah amortisieren.

    Attraktivere Arbeitsbedingungen

    Remote Operations Desks von Mission Embedded bieten deutlich bessere Arbeitsbedingungen und machen die Arbeit sicherer, komfortabler und attraktiver.

    Höchste Sicherheitsstandards

    Safety / security, cyber-sec, datenschutz, EN Norm

    ME Plattformen

    existing platform components, existing hw/sw components, tailored business logic

    Wired & Wireless Networks

    Die V2X-Technologie (Vehicle to Everything) ist für die Kommunikation und Sicherheit von Personen und Fahrzeugen eingebettet und bietet die nächste Generation von vernetzten Baustellen und Kollisionsvermeidungsfunktionen

    Produktintegration oder Retrofit-Kit

    Unser robuster Nachrüstsatz verwandelt jede Marke oder jedes Modell in eine überwachte autonome Maschine. Der Bediener kann innerhalb von Sekunden zwischen manuellem und autonomem Modus sowie zwischen verschiedenen Maschinen umschalten. und integration in neue produkte massgeschneidert

    Ferngesteuerte Kommandozentrale

    Ob vor Ort oder aus der Ferne, die Kommandozentrale ermöglicht es dem Bediener, das Gerät bequem vom Büro aus zu steuern und bietet ein 360°-Sichtfeld rund um die Maschine.

    Liefern Sie kontinuierliche Videos mit niedriger Latenzzeit und dynamischer Kodierung

    Eng gekoppelte H.265-Videocodierung und -Übertragung minimieren die Systemlatenz bei gleichzeitiger Aufrechterhaltung eines HD-Videos. (technische facts hinzubauen)

    Hochgradig skalierbare Cloud-basierte Lösung

    Schnelles Konfigurieren großer Fuhrparks


    Mehr Überblick, Zuladugnsgewinn, Reduktion des Treibstoffverbrauchs,

    Fortschrittliches Wahrnehmungssystem

    Auf lokaler Wahrnehmung basierende Sensordaten, die von fahrzeuginternen Kameras, Radar und LiDAR erfasst werden, werden an Bord analysiert, um die Umgebung dynamisch abzubilden und Hindernisse in Echtzeit zu erkennen und auf sie zu reagieren. Man kann assistenzfunktionen auf basis der fusionierten kameradaten hinzufügen

    One-Stop-Shop Lösung

    Alles, was Sie für die Umstellung Ihrer Flotte auf überwachte Autonomie benötigen, ist in der Teleo-Lösung enthalten.

    Unterstützt alle Arten von Anwendungen: Video, Audio, Steuerdaten

    Offene APIs ermöglichen die Übertragung von hochauflösendem Video von mehreren Kameras, Sensordaten, Audio, Kundenanwendungen, CAN-Bus, Internet und mehr

    Für verschiedene use cases

    vr + 3d

    In Sekundenschnelle bereit

    Lässt sich in Sekundenbruchteil auf Fahrzeug aufschalten (USP)

    Performance Level (USP)

    Virtual drive safety level (TJE fragen). ist großer USP