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Straight to your innovation:


Shorter lead time. Lower costs. Less risk.


Our proven technology building blocks and platforms accelerate your product innovation and time to market.

Lower Cost

When qualifying and selecting technologies, you benefit from our extensive experience and existing partnerships and alliances with leading technology providers.

Less Risk

We assume the product risk for you in terms of technology and costs. This allows you to fully concentrate on your market.

With a wealth of know-how and experience, Mission Embedded supports you throughout the entire product development process – from idea to innovation.


  • Existing reference applications
  • Fast feasibility analysis
  • Validation of the business case
  • Consulting for technology selection


  • Ready-to-use platform components (hardware and software)
  • Experienced Solution Architects
  • Existing safety and trust cases as reference
  • Continuous provision of the software (remote)
  • Existing infrastructure for data acquisition


  • Proven safety and security processes
  • One-stop store for hardware, software, mechanics, and production
  • Close cooperation with certification bodies
  • Extensive integration support
  • Ready-to-use maintenance toolkits and calibration sets


  • Established supply chain management
  • Just-in-time production and delivery of installation kits
  • Field support and 3rd level support
  • Product maintenance
  • Obsolescence and Compliance Management


  • Vorhandene Referenz-Anwendungen
  • Schnelle machbarkeitsanalyse
  • Validierung des Business Case
  • Beratung bei der Technologieauswahl


  • Ready-to-use Plattform-Komponenten (Hardware und Software)
  • Erfahrene Solution Architects
  • Bestehende Safety- und Trust Cases als Referenz
  • Kontinuierliche Bereitstellung der Software (Remote)


  • Bewährte Safety- und Security-Prozesse
  • One-Stop-Shop für Hardware, Software, Mechanik und Produktion
  • Enge Zusammenarbeit mit Zertifizierungsstellen
  • Umfangreicher Integrations-Support
  • Fertige Wartungs-Toolkits und Kalibriersets


  • Etabliertes Supply-Chain-Management
  • Just-In-Time-Produktion und Lieferung von Einbausätzen
  • Feld-Support und 3rd-Level-Support Produktwartung
  • Produktwartung
  • Obsoleszenz- und Compliance-Management

For your industrialized (sub)system we rely on alliances with leading technology providers and our proven system platforms. You will receive an installation kit for integration into your finished overall system.

Technology Creators


Universal Technology

Building Blocks

Technology Integrator MISSION EMBEDDED

Industrialised Subsystem

System Integrator Our Customers

Finished Overall System

Product and System Development

Hardware, Software and Mechanics

“We pair the right components.”

We help you choose the best technologies for your project. Tailored to your specific requirements, we combine the most advanced components from the semiconductor industry, basic technology building blocks and a suitable operating system (e.g. Linux or QNX) to create a stable framework for your customized platform or product. Our proven building blocks accelerate your product innovation and time to market. When qualifying and selecting technologies, you benefit from our extensive experience as well as existing partnerships and alliances with leading technology providers.



“We know how to master complexity.”

The hardware, software and mechanics of a system always influence one another. With the help of our multidisciplinary team, we ensure that all parts are perfectly coordinated. Our hardware and software experts design a seamless system for you – consisting of mechanics and housing, (base) board, board support package, HW-optimized signal/data processing, the OS, system and network services and the application.

Safety, Security, Reliability

“Dependability can be a matter of life and death.”

We take an integrated approach to system design. We put a strong emphasis on safety, security, reliability and compliance engineering. This minimizes risk factors and protects your system from external threats. Tailored to your needs, we guarantee optimal reliability and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Certification and Approval

“We stay on track, even on difficult paths.”

When developing your system, we work in accordance with the regulatory requirements relevant to your application area. Throughout the entire development process, we ensure that all components meet the requirements. After development, we provide you with all the necessary certification tools and support you in the certification and approval of your system.

Production Transition and Logictics

“We take care of your mission.”

We respond to your individual wishes and preferences. As a development service provider, we guarantee a smooth transition to production. As a system provider, we take over production and logistics for you.

Production & Life Cycle Management

Some systems are in operation for decades. As your reliable partner, we support you every step of the way with intelligent strategies and foresighted planning. Even long after the development has been completed, our lifecycle team is there for you and provides long-term support for maintenance, updates, and any necessary adjustments.

Supply Chain Management

We take over the proactive management of the supply chain for you, which is secured by a qualified supplier portfolio that we continuously maintain, review, and develop. For a future-proof and cost-efficient supply chain, we take care of planning, stockpiling, forecasting, and more.

Just-in-Time Production

We ensure that production is synchronized with demand so that your installation kit with all the necessary parts arrives at your premises exactly when you need it. Among other things, we take care of production, sensor calibration, PCB assembly, assembly, quality control and much more.

Field Support and 3rd Level Support

We are your reliable partner in the long run. Our experienced team of experts is always available when you need support with complex challenges and is at its best when it comes to tricky tasks.

Product Maintenance

With Mission Embedded, product maintenance becomes a plannable process for you. We keep your (sub)system constantly up to date. Our experienced maintenance team is there for you and makes any necessary improvements.

Obsolescence Management

We are familiar with the volatile electronics market and take care of planning and availability analysis, PCNs (Product Change Notifications), second-source qualification, last-time-buy strategies and, if necessary, redesigns.

Compliance Management and Regulatory Affairs

We take care of all compliance and approval issues relating to your product long after its market launch, and in a timely and precise manner, identify any need for action for reasons such as changes in the standards landscape, obsolescence of components, and more. In doing so, we always find the optimal strategy for you to successfully establish your product with your customers in the long term.