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The experts for your product innovation.

We are your partner for:

Die Spezialisten für intelligente Produkt-Innovationen.

 Wir sind Ihr Partner für:

100% Cost Security

Mission Embedded guarantees development and series prices right from the start, keeping you in control of your product innovation costs and drastically minimizing your risk. This allows you to focus on your market, while we take care of the technology and implementation.

25 Years Investment Protection

Mission Embedded offers up to 25 years of long-term support and lifecycle management. To ensure this, we rely on many years of life-cycle experience and intelligent, forward-looking strategies. Even long after market launch, we provide support for maintenance issues, production customizations, and issues in the field. 

Know-how Advantage from 50+ Experts

Real added value is created through a combination of experience and knowledge. We ensure your lead in product innovation with the experience and specific know-how of Mission Embedded's highly specialized experts in the core areas of image and sensor processing, sensor and system integration, artificial intelligence, reliability, safety and security, radio and communication, embedded systems, low power systems, and approvals.

End-to-End Solution Provider

A system from Mission Embedded is more than just a smart combination of hardware, software, and mechanics. We develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into your environment because they are based on an understanding of your needs that goes beyond mere specifications.

In addition, we offer an all-around carefree package for your development, and take care of, among other things, supply chain management, just-in-time production, and delivery. So that you get what you need, exactly when you need it - from the concept right down to straightforward support in the field.

Our customers

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Wir pflegen seit Jahren eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit Mission Embedded und haben bereits mehrere Projekte erfolgreich gemeinsam durchgeführt. Ein toller Erfolg war das Projekt COMPAS, das 2019 mit dem Staatspreis Mobilität des BMVIT ausgezeichnet wurde.


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Die enge Zusammenarbeit insbesondere mit dem Lifecycle-Team von Mission Embedded zeichnet sich aus durch großes Vertrauen und Verlässlichkeit.


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Gemeinsam mit Mission Embedded konnten wir eine innovative, neue Produktsparte auf den Weg bringen.


What We Do?

Mission Embedded develops and supplies highly reliable embedded systems for professional applications in safety-critical areas such as railway, special vehicles, industry, medical technology, and air traffic control. Our high-quality tailor-made solutions enable our customers to turn their innovation projects into reality within the shortest possible time. All phases of the product life cycle are covered – from conception and system design to production and maintenance.

Our Core Topics:

  • Sensor integration, processing, and fusion
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning/deep learning
  • Secure and reliable wireless communication
  • Low-power and high-performance embedded systems
  • Embedded Linux
  • Safety, security & product approval

Who We Are?

In short, we are specialists with a mission. More precisely, we are a skillfully assembled team of highly qualified and experienced experts in software, hardware, and project management. Or team members are well attuned to one another and trained to find and eliminate weaknesses. Granted: This sounds a bit martial, but it reflects quite well the passion and perseverance with which we develop mission-critical applications. That’s what we do best. And as part of the Frequentis Group, we do it with 70 years of experience and expertise.