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Cutting-Edge Solutions

Discover the cutting-edge solutions from Mission Embedded at Africa Rail 2024, taking place from 25 – 26 June, 2024, in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


Driven by our commitment to integrating cutting-edge intelligence into our customers’ projects and keeping them at the forefront of digitization, we showcase some of our key innovations for the rail sector:


  • AI-powered safety monitoring:  Innovative video monitoring solution with cloud technology, smart functionalities, and easy integration capability. 
  • Intelligent driver assistant systems: Driver assistance system for automatic obstacle detection, collision avoidance, overspeed prevention and more.
  • Advanced infrastructure monitoring: Automatic infrastructure inspection by regular trains, analyzing the condition of track infrastructure using AI. 
  • High-precision train localization: Highly accurate real-time positioning of trains in any environment – using advanced sensor fusion technology.
  • Secure railway communication: Powerful wireless router solutions for secure data and voice communication in rail vehicles. 

Download Brochures

Brochure: Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring in Railway Operations
Brochure: High-Precision Train Localization
Brochure: Smart Surveillance of Railway Operations